Monday, 24 September 2012

Grow your own: 2

After about a week drying in a warm shaded place “Paloma” was planted in a mixture of sandy seedling mix in a small terracotta pot (for good drainage). Apparently pineapples don’t like “wet feet”! She’ll be living indoors as our weather is still likely to go cold suddenly. On warm days I’ll take her for an outside visit to a shady spot. It’s important the leaves don’t get sunburnt.

I’ll only need to water her once a week and then, I’ll only pour the water onto the soil not the plant. I’ll fertilise her once every 2 – 3 months taking care not to put any on the inside of the plant. Gosh, as I’m not the member of the family with green thumbs that could all be quite a challenge!
My friend Maria recently showed me a magnificent pineapple she has had growing for about two years in her vegetable garden. She and her son Pascal have decided to call him “Maurice”. So far there has been no fruit, Anne.

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