Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Liver and Bacon Tropic Style.

Unfortunately the Liver and Bacon Tropic Style was not nearly as good as the kidneys.  First problem was the lamb’s fry, which was cryovac’ed, the only way I could buy it.  The packing changes the texture so that it is firmer than I prefer, also I think it was from an older “lamb”, it was quite large and dark coloured. Secondly, the pineapple is an afterthought and could easily be omitted.  In fact I ate it last, as dessert.  You will notice that I added some veggies as it was dinner, not breakfast, and I am keen to eat my veg quota each day. I didn’t follow the recipe closely as I think fried liver is not very appealing.  I prefer it in a gravy, which I made, with onions for flavour and texture.  However, it was quite tasty and I am sure good for me.  The iron from the liver is more easily absorbed with the vitamin C from the pineapple eaten at the same meal, Ann.

Liver and Bacon Tropic Style.
440g can Golden Circle Pineapple Pieces, required amount of lamb’s fry or sliced liver, bacon rashers, seasoned flour.

Trim bacon and fry till lightly crisp. Remove from pan and keep warm. Have liver cut in 1.5cm thick strips and rolled in seasoned flour. Cook in bacon drippings in pan. While you arrange liver and bacon on warmed serving plates, allow drained pineapple pieces to brown slightly in frying pan. Add to plates, serve hot with buttered toast.

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