Sunday, 9 September 2012

Plantation salad.

As Ruby advised in the ‘Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book’:   
 “Plan your salads with colour in mind – and give every salad the touch of gold with pineapple. Combine the golden flavour of pineapple with white – cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, onions, eschalots . . . with green – lettuce, celery, cabbage, asparagus, capsicum . . . with orange – carrots, shredded swede, oranges, matured, tasty cheese . . . with red – tomato, beetroot, radishes, red capsicum.”                                                      
Plantation salad.
Line your longest salad platter with crisp green lettuce leaves. Then arrange salad vegetables in neat rows, like a plantation. Start with a colourful flavour centre – Golden Circle’s Tropical Pineapple Pieces and tender, sweet Beetroot. Arrange rows so that each provides bright colour contrast for its neighbour, and include the ‘protein serving’ (the meat, cheese, egg or fish ingredient) in the plantation rows. You will think of many variations of this ‘fix-it-easy’ salad meal.

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