Friday, 21 September 2012

Ruby said “Help Keep Children Healthy”

Raffaellu and Angelica created wonderful, healthy lunch boxes that Ruby would have been proud of. Then finished off with refreshing "Orange Holiday" juices.

School Lunch Box Salad.

Cut 3 sandwiches (2 savoury, 1 sweet) and trim so they stand on edge in box. Pack ends with short pieces of celery. Allow sandwiches to fall in fan shape, separated by 2 well-drained slices of Golden Circle Pineapple wrapped in lettuce to keep moisture off bread. Add hard-boiled egg, wedges of red apple, pieces of cheese or any salad vegetable according to the child’s personal preference.
Eggman:  Press cloves (for eyes) and portion of capsicum (in mouth shape) into egg. Cut off top part of egg so that carrot slice will rest on flat surface, then place carrot point on top of slice. Slide onion ring over pointed ‘carrot hat’ so that it forms a headband. Arrange ‘eggman’ so that he sits securely.

Orange Holiday.
Combine Golden Circle Pineapple and Orange Drink with a tsp (per glass) of passionfruit pulp, and maraschino cherry set in red jelly. An orange slice to garnish.

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