Friday, 28 September 2012

Salad Days.

A useful salad tip from Ruby Borrowdale in the ‘Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book’:  " 'To curl' carrot curls and tasselled celery sticks, and open up your radish roses, place them in a jug of water with ice cubes, and let them stand until you assemble your salad."

“Individual ‘Side Salads’ with pineapple lend colour and vitamin goodness to summer and winter meals . . . give each diner the pleasure of mixing his flavours, or savouring each one solo.”

Treasure Island.
Fill a parfait glass to the rim with a random mixture of Golden Circle Crushed Pineapple, chopped marshmallows, and chopped lime jelly. Top with a scoop of strawberry ice cream, garnish with cherries and mark the treasure with a cross or jelly star.

That was certainly a colourful meal! And wow that dessert! I’m quite sure my mother would never have served us jelly plus marshmallows plus strawberry ice cream plus glace cherries in one dish in the 1960s! Les and I remember our mothers making ice blocks from cordial in an ice cube tray and ice cream of evaporated and/or condensed milk in little aluminium trays. Times have changed! Aeroplane jelly, of course, appeared regularly, Anne.


  1. That dessert is still making me laugh - it has everything but the kitchen sink in it. So pretty, though! ;-)

  2. I remember those milky ice blocks too, made in an aluminium tray as well.
    Not related, but my Mum also used to make homemade 'chocolate' out of copha and cocoa with salted peanuts and dried fruit in it. I thought it was amazing! If I served that up to my kids...well, I wouldn't bother!