Friday, 19 April 2013

Planked chicken

1 jar Golden Circle Sweet-Sour Sauce, 3 grilling chickens, 2 tblspns butter, 1 tblspn lemon juice, 1 tsp each grated onion, parsley and capsicum. Salt and pepper.
Split, wash and dry chickens. Dust with salt and pepper. Mix butter, onion, parsley, capsicum and lemon juice. Spread chickens with half this savoury butter. Grill or bake 30 minutes, basting with remaining savoury butter when turning. Arrange each chicken, skin side up, on greased hot plank. Sprinkle with fine, dry breadcrumbs. Arrange a serving of cooked vegetables around each chicken. Spread chicken with Sweet-Sour sauce and place in hot oven for 10 minutes. Fill spaces with parsley and serve at once. (Note: Heat-proof platters can be used in place of wooden planks).

Ruby's Planked Chicken
I can remember people using these metal plates in wooden trays when I was young. Les says he recalls fish shaped ones used in restaurants. A Sydney Morning Herald columnist recently suggested that they may be making a comeback. As I don’t have any “planks” I baked the chicken breasts and then applied the breadcrumbs and sauce. Delicious!  Anne.

Note: This wooden platter was turned by my father, Wal, many years ago.

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  1. In our family that flattened chicken is known as 'roadkill chicken'.